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Let running be a part of your day

Let running be a part of your day

Whether you’re a runner commuting to work, squeezing in a lunch run or away from home, what every runner needs is a safe place to keep your stuff and have a decent shower.

Don’t make not having access to these facilities your excuse not to run.  It being too late or too dark when you get home from work just doesn’t cut the mustard, so get yourself out during the day and check off that run.

Find your nearest locker and shower, then get running.


* list of recommended locations will open in Google Maps


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Just find a location that works for you from the list.  Take your running kit with you and simply use the facilities to store your stuff, go for a run then come back for a shower.

How do I pay?

Pay at the reception of your chosen location. Sometimes you can get good deals on 1-day passes at Pay As You Gym

What do I need?

Your running kit, a coin or two for the locker and an idea of where to head. Check out Strava for a decent route or segment close to your chosen location. 

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